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Double your conversions in 15 days, or it's free!

No fluff, no course, no package. I'll double your conversion rate in 15 days. If I do, pay a $1,000 fixed fee; otherwise, pay nothing.

Pratham Junius Ruffus
Growth Marketer

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How It Works

Okay, but why exactly
you trust me?

I may not be famous, but I've consistently delivered successful results for my clients. I prefer to let my work speak for itself. But since trust is essential, here's a glimpse of my achievements:


I have managed over INR 11 million in ad spends, generating a return of over INR 50 million for my clients. I've also trained 1000+ marketers, who, thanks to my training, have secured positions at every top marketing agency in the country, including Sokrati, Publicis, Neil Patel, and GroupM.


However, what truly matters is, I do not ask for a dime till I've delivered results. So, give it 15 days and see the results for yourself.

4.5x ROI $4.5 made for every $1 spent for clients (2).png
4.5x ROI $4.5 made for every $1 spent for clients (3).png
  • What type of businesses do you work with?
    I prefer working with D2C and B2C e-commerce businesses of all sizes and shapes. I have extensive experience with early-stage startups, heavily funded startups, and local small businesses. My second preference is physical stores and businesses as they often have inspiring stories of hard-working individuals building strong businesses. I also enjoy lead generation for SAAS companies and working in the food and beverage sector. However, I'm open to working with businesses in other industries as well, as long as I find their mission and vision compelling.
  • What industries have you worked in?
    I want to be honest with you about my experience: Very Experienced (over INR 1 Million in marketing spend): Food & Beverage, Furniture, Design Agency, Ed-tech, Future-tech Good Experienced (over INR 500,000 in marketing spend): Movies & TV, Events, FMCG, Landscaping Slightly Experienced (less than INR 500,00 in marketing spend): Education, NGOs, Skincare, Hospitality
  • What aspects of marketing are you good at?
    I am a trained and experienced expert in various aspects of marketing, including Google Ads, Meta Ads, Amazon Ads, Growth Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Generation, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Search Ads, SEO, and Social Media Management. My expertise lies in D2C and B2C e-commerce businesses, lead generation, and local physical businesses. If there are platforms or areas where I lack experience, I will inform you to ensure transparency and fairness.
  • What aspects of marketing are you bad at?
    I am not highly experienced in B2B marketing, sales platforms such as HubSpot and Freshworks, content marketing, and lead-focused ad platforms like LinkedIn. If your brand requires expertise in these specific areas, I will be honest and let you know to avoid compromising the quality of our work.
  • What are the factors you look at while choosing which clients to work with?
    When choosing clients, I consider various factors, including my familiarity with the industry, the support and contacts I have in the industry, my personal interest in the industry or business, the current marketing strategy employed by the company, and my familiarity with the software and ad platforms involved. These factors help ensure a strong foundation for our collaboration.
  • What happens if we are not a good fit?
    If we determine that we are not a good fit, I will still provide you with three personalized points via email on how to boost your conversion rate. Additionally, I will connect you with any contacts I believe can better assist you in achieving your goals.
  • What happens if you don't double my conversion rate in 15 days?
    My policy is simple - if I don't double your conversion rate in 15 days, you don't have to pay me a dime. Moreover, I will provide a free 3-month plan outlining steps you can take to improve your conversion rate.
  • How is the conversion rate that you will double calculated?
    The conversion rate that I aim to double is based on the rate of the last 15 days, allowing for an immediate and direct boost to your current situation. By focusing on recent data, we can track progress more effectively.
  • How is the post-15 days conversion rate calculated?
    My goal is to double the conversion rate as quickly as possible, within a maximum of 15 days. The final conversion rate will be calculated as the average conversion rate of the last 3 days. This approach ensures that the doubled conversion rate is not a one-day thing but stays true over 3 days.
  • What happens if you reach the conversion rate goal before the 15th day?
    If I reach the conversion rate goal before day 13, you will have two options: I can complete my process and stop on the day the goal is achieved, or with your consent, I can continue working on your marketing with the aim of doubling the new conversion rate again. In this case, the bounty will also be doubled ($2000) if I manage to double the conversion rate again.
  • Is there any hidden fee or partial payment if you reach close to the target?
    Even if I reach 99% of the target conversion rate, I will not request any payment. You will only pay when I reach the complete target. It's a double or nothing.
  • Can we work with you even if we are not eligible?
    If we determine that the double or nothing scheme is not a good fit, but you would still like to explore the possibility of working together in a different capacity, we can discuss alternative options via email and see if we can reach a consensus that suits both parties.
  • What are the marketing costs that we will have to incur during the 15 days?
    During the 15 days, there won't be any payment to me until we achieve the agreed-upon results. However, your regular ad spends will still need to be covered by you. Additionally, I recommend having a Shopify expert or web developer on your team who can help implement any necessary website changes for optimization. Having a graphic designer or video editor available can also be beneficial for website design, ad creatives, and videos as needed. I will work with the resources available to ensure the best optimization strategies for your business. If you require recommendations for graphic designers or web developers, I can provide assistance in finding suitable professionals.
  • What does the process look like after I sign up?
    After you fill out the eligibility form, I'll review it to determine if we're a good fit. If we are, I'll reach out to set up an initial discovery call where we can discuss your goals and start working on your marketing campaigns. After 15 days, we'll review the results together to assess the progress made.

Want to completely transform your business in 15 days? Let's get started!

I do not want to waste your time with a long landing page. I have told you my credentials, my offer, and what I'm good at and what I'm bad at. If you think we can work together, click the button below and we can get started!

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